Building the Avonos Classic Stormtrooper Kit [Part 2]

In this installment, I thought I would highlight some of my methods for to allow easier snapping of the parts that have bends and curves.

For items like the arm and leg pieces, there are large curved areas that are tough to get bends started on the score lines. For these areas, as well as corners, I use the snips to create long flat areas that are free for bending and snapping.

Most parts have areas where two edges come together to form a square corner. I like to use the snips to make a cut from the bottom of the formed part right up to the score line. When we do this to both sides, we are left with a straight snap line for easy removal of the excess ABS.

Here I have made two vertical cuts up from the bottom and to the score line at a corner.  This allows for an easier bending of the long strip on the right.


For parts that have multiple angular shifts along a single side, make a cut up from the bottom towards the horizontal score line at each vertical angle line.  Then simply bend and snap each small piece.


On some of the larger pieces, it helps to clear away some of the material from the center to create several separately bendable sections.  You’ll notice on this part of the thigh piece I’ve added additional scoring that will allow me to make very accurate cuts with the snips.


After snipping and removing the corners, use the snips to cut up and near the score lines.  Now you should be able to easily split the sectional score lines up to the horizontal score lines with a light touch of the snips.  Then you can access each new section independently to snap out the excess!



And today I finally finished trimming all the parts!  If you’re observant you’ll notice that I didn’t realize one of the inner upper arm halves was stuck under another piece and didn’t get pictured…

Coming in my next post, I’ll cover test fitting and glueing the arm and leg pieces….