Awesome, inexpensive 3D printer filament

I stocked up on a bunch of filament a couple years ago, but my stock is starting to run out.  In the past I’ve mainly used plastic from Ultimachine and Faberdashery – but its gotten quite expensive ($20.00 a lb) and shipping is not cheap.

So I asked a good friend what he’s been buying lately.  He’s quite happy with the filament from Hatchbox. Its almost half the price of the other guys, comes on a spool and is available via Amazon Prime!


Link: Hatchbox filament @

1 thought on “Awesome, inexpensive 3D printer filament”

  1. So far so good. It is a bit thicker than the other filaments I’ve used. No problem though, just change the parameter in Slic3r. Works great. I’m printing at the same temps as the other filaments I’ve used.

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