RK-007i MIDI Commander - Buy One!


Get your own Improved RK-007!

Assembled RK-007i - $75

  • Includes TRS MIDI Cable
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This is an Arduino Pro Micro version of the device. I beefed up the 3D-printed case from 1mm->3mm wall thickness.

TRS MIDI Cable is included with your purchase

Items of note

“TRS” stands for Tip, Ring, Sleeve. When shopping for a TRS->MIDI 5-DIN cable, you are looking for a “Type A” version. Type A has the following pinout:

  • Tip -> DIN Pin 5 (Data Reference) - TXD from Arduino
  • Ring -> DIN Pin 4 (Voltage Reference) - VCC from Arduino
  • Sleeve -> DIN Pin 2 (Shield) - GND from Arduino

Need help?

If you have any other questions about the contstruction or operation of the MIDI Commander, drop a line in the commments. Thanks for reading!