I should have started a blog to document the progress of my personal technology projects long ago… if not only to help me remember why I decided to do something a certain way, but maybe to also help others that run into the same problems I do…

I’m just a regular old geek dad trying to make a living to pay off a house that’s probably bigger than we need. I should probably take some side gigs to pay the damn thing off, but I have too much fun messing around with projects that I hope will surprise and delight my son, or maybe my wife 🙂

Anyhow… Happy Reading! Power to ya if you end up learning something here. I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I salt my posts heavily with links to amazon.com products. I do generate a particularly modest amount (that means “not much at all”) of revenue if you happen to click and buy from those links. I mainly link for reference and visualization to help you complete the projects I post here. I know there are folks out there that will be able to find the linked products locally, and probably cheaper – but I like to include them for those who want to just have stuff show up at their door as well. Whatever your choice, I appreciate the traffic and any referrals you might bring.